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Operational BI Fuel your current operational BI systems without disruption

Operational BI

Are you ready?

Our partnership with Dataupia allows us to offer customers a superior reporting and analysis tool that delivers immediate results and complements our IBM Cognos solutions. Ultimately, this provides customers with an assurance that they have all the information needed to deliver outstanding service and improve business processes.
- Bradley Jeffers
Director of Industry and Technology Alliances at Cognos

Need to look up a customer's full transaction history? Regularly compare store operations performance? Enable self-service portals to display a complete history of activity unique to an ID? Don't want to learn a new reporting tool? Don't worry, Dataupia can get you ready to meet the demands of operational BI. Dataupia's data warehouse appliance sits underneath your current reporting environment and provides all of your users with the power of unprecedented access to data without disruption.

What does unprecedented access to all of your data enable your business to do?

  • Provide insight into day-to-day operations
  • Access all of the information required for tactical decision-making
  • Increase business agility
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Control costs

With its dynamic aggregation capabilities, the Dataupia Satori Server works with existing business intelligence and analytical solutions to provide you with increased mixed workload capabilities, including support for complex joins, data exploration and point queries. This enables interactive reporting across multiple databases and applications that share the same data set. These processes are vital in the business world today as companies are increasingly pressed to deliver faster, more complex query reporting using information contained in several databases.

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Understand the organizational impact from the growing volume of data and the demand for its availability, integration and analysis in operational business intelligence and how an appliance like the Dataupia Satori Server can be deployed to solve such requirements.

Using the Data Warehouse Appliance for Operational BI