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Dataupia Satori Server allows ITIS to access 25 billion traffic flow records; cuts data analysis time by 95%

Cambridge, MA - February 23, 2009 - Dataupia Corporation today announced that ITIS, the leading supplier of traffic and travel information for real world applications, has deployed the Dataupia™ Satori Server as its underlying data management solution. Dataupia's data warehouse appliance allows ITIS to cost-effectively manage and access four years worth of data, representing 25 billion traffic flow records. With Dataupia, ITIS can leverage greater volumes of data and perform analyses on its current Microsoft SQL Server database 95 percent faster than previously possible.

ITIS is a leading international provider of traffic information. ITIS provides high quality real time, historic and predictive traffic information for real world applications. Its customers include cellular network operators, automotive manufacturers, broadcast media, fleet operators, Government agencies and traffic consultants.

Prior to implementing the Dataupia Satori Server, monthly extracts of traffic data could take ITIS more than 24 hours to complete. Attempting more than one query at a time would often grind ITIS' data infrastructure to a halt. Now, monthly data retrieval and analysis can be achieved in less than one hour. Furthermore, Dataupia's continuous scalability and Omniversal Transparency™ have enabled ITIS to obtain maximum value from its data. Dataupia's seamless integration with Microsoft SQL Server allows ITIS users to stay with their familiar SQL Server Management Studio interface yet access far greater volumes of up-to-date traffic data.

"ITIS' service offerings are built on proper data management and analysis. As such, we put a lot of time and research into choosing the most effective and efficient solution to improve our current data infrastructure," said Thomas Shelton, Director of Operations, IT IS. "We evaluated multiple options and considered everything from increasing traditional storage capacity to migrating to a new database. In the end, Dataupia was the clear choice because its easy integration into our current Microsoft SQL Server environment prevented a costly 'rip and replace' of our vested infrastructure. Dataupia has gone above and beyond our expectations. We are already realizing measurable ROI from the Dataupia Satori Server and are confident that we are now utilizing our data to its fullest potential."

The Dataupia Satori Server data management system is an all-in-one solution - server, storage and optimization software packaged as a data warehouse appliance - designed specifically to deliver persistent access to as much data as an organization needs. The combination of highly specialized software and powerful processors allows large amounts of data to remain on-line and ready for use. The Dataupia Satori Server installs quickly, requires little administration, and allows for Omniversal Transparency™ and continuous and seamless scalability for increased users and data.

"The current state of the economy means that everyone is trying to leverage their existing resources to the maximum, both in terms of data and infrastructure, which highlights a major differentiator of the Dataupia Satori Server - that it enables better exploitation of existing information in a way that doesn't disrupt existing infrastructures," said Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor Research. "Despite the economic downturn it is clear that business intelligence and data warehousing projects are not being significantly affected, as companies see these technologies as enabling them to improve their own performance. Nevertheless, cost is always going to be an issue, as is disruption: by reducing these we expect to see more businesses, like ITIS, placing a focus on data management and analysis tools that are not only affordable and scalable but which are transparent and work well with legacy technology investments."

"Without companies such as ITIS, valuable technology and information that many of us depend on each day - such as GPS, in-car navigation systems and real time radio-based traffic information - would not be feasible," said Jonathan Saunders, VP International Operations, Dataupia. "The Dataupia Satori Server provides ITIS with unprecedented drill down access to extensive data reserves that allow the company to determine astonishingly specific traffic related facts."

About ITIS Holdings
ITIS Holdings plc is the UK's leading provider of real time and historic traffic information. ITIS operates the UK's largest RDS-TMC service, servicing 17 car manufacturers and 17 aftermarket and personal navigation device companies. It runs traffic information lines for all the major mobile networks and is a key supplier to Government. Additional information on ITIS is available at

About Dataupia
Dataupia brings a strong record of industry leadership to addressing the growing gap between the massive volumes of stored data and the portion that a business can use to its benefit. By architecting specialized software and industry-standard hardware into a highly cost-effective and intelligent appliance, Dataupia's solution will amplify an organization's existing information systems to provide deeper access into their data universe and more comprehensive business insight.

Founded in 2005, Dataupia is backed by Polaris Venture Partners, Valhalla Partners, and Fairhaven Capital. Learn more at

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