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Distribution Management Ensure the required amount and selections of goods are where they can best meet demand

Distribution Management


Whether a wholesaler, manufacturer, or retailer, your objective is to ensure the required amount and selection of goods are where they can best meet demand. In sophisticated operations, this can mean relocating items within a store. At the very least, it means having back-to-school supplies on the floor in August.

Distribution is the single most critical point of failure in the retail chain. It's up to you to coordinate among suppliers, inventory, transportation, and store operations. This means bringing in data from multiple touch-points and systems including:

  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Advanced POS
  • Merchandise and assortment planning applications
  • Allocation and replenishment applications

Finding an efficient and cost-effective way to keep enough detailed data online to ensure supply-chain agility and provide customer-centric merchandising is a business imperative. But how do you get IT and business owners in sync to achieve these results? Dataupia's data warehouse appliance delivers unprecedented access to business-critical data by augmenting your organization's existing data management systems.

Business Owners Ask IT Hears Dataupia Answers
How do I prevent overstock and shortages? How am I going to integrate all of these data points?
How can I afford it?
Integrates easily with existing database applications and other enterprise data sets. Billions of data points refreshed in real time.
How do I ensure that my product mix matches local demand? How do I get all the data to the various owners within our operation? How do I get all the data to all the various owners within our operations? Thousands of users can work with the same data set concurrently—so that information flows throughout your operation.
How do I get a handle on my pricing and promotional mix? How do I provide an affordable data management option? Control costs with a robust data access solution that has an extremely low entry price point and the industry best total cost of ownership.