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Promotions Management Use all of your data to analyze uptake of promotions as they happen

Promotions Management


Your success pivots on the ability to report on and analyze uptake of promotions. Time-to-information is a critical component. Stale information means that your campaigns can't be adjusted to capitalize on high-yield components and discontinue unproductive activities. Driving higher revenue from fewer marketing dollars is your ultimate contribution to your bottom line.

Every part of promotions management is data-driven. Essential touch points include:

  • Multi-channel data access and correlation
  • Single view of customer data
  • Click stream data or POS data
  • BI capabilities ranging from simple dashboards to ad-hoc queries and trending

Finding an efficient and cost-effective way to keep enough detailed data online and available for diagnostics and optimization is a business imperative. But how do you get IT and business owners in sync to achieve these results? Dataupia's data warehouse appliance delivers unprecedented access to business-critical data by augmenting your organization's existing data management systems.

Business Owners Ask IT Hears Dataupia Answers
How do I get feedback on my programs as they are running? How am I going to integrate all of these data points with real-time feeds?
How can I afford it?
Quickly and easily plug a transparent Dataupia solution under existing databases with minimal IT effort.
How can I look back over the past few years of program results to anticipate upcoming trends? How do I combine historical and transactional data into one view for thousands of users? Summary and detail data available for quick overview combined with drill-down lookups for hundreds or thousands of users accessing data at the same time. Billions of data points refreshed in near real time.