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Retail Unify data silos, implement better inventory management and conduct deep analysis

Retail Data Management

Retail solutions that get the cash register ringing.

Retail businesses have an overwhelming amount of data. SOX and Basel II compliance increases the volume of data while PCI and data privacy standards make data management more complex. Then there's the customer data that you want to leverage for competitive advantage.

Dataupia's data warehouse appliance enables smarter data management and access to more customer data to help you:

  • Dig deeper into customer behavior
  • Create better-targeted promotions
  • Incorporate more detailed supply-and-demand data into your buying forecast

Until now, it's been too costly to keep more than a few months of summary or aggregate data on hand. Dataupia's solution changes that by combining optimization software, processing power, and storage capacity as an easy-to-use, highly affordable in all-in-one data management platform.

The Dataupia Satori Server allows persistent access to millions of customer transactions at will.

Promotions Management


Store Performance Reporting


Distribution Management


Customer Loyalty Programs