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Telecommunications Data Management

You rang?

Billions of voice and data events come across your networks daily. Customer, financial and operational data is quickly accumulated in the course of doing every day business. Steep technical and financial barriers go hand-in-hand with collecting and making use of this massive amount of data. Growing data retention regulations have added even more complexity, requiring businesses to collect, retain, and retrieve millions of call detail records (CDR) alone. Managing all this data diverts resources from growth initiatives. Fortunately, companies that manage their data well and make it available to the business can turn a potential liability into a clear differentiator.

Dataupia is the only data management solution that can help our business to:

  • Keep up with your system performance objectives in a low-risk and extremely cost-effective manner.
  • Overcome volume and cost barriers to collecting the information needed for persistent revenue assurance.
  • Meet your legal obligations accurately and efficiently without draining vital resources.
  • Access all of the information needed with years of historical context to ensure industry-leading customer retention.

The Dataupia Satori Server allows persistent access to billions of CDR records and the ability to extract requested information at will. Simply stated, the Dataupia Satori Server makes managing data more affordable and using data easier. Dataupia's data warehouse appliance provides you with power you need to jump ahead of your competition.

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