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Q&A with Phillip Howard on How do you get more from your Data Warehouse?


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This is Tamara Graves of Dataupia and it is my pleasure to spend a few minutes talking with Phillip Howard about his research on getting more out of your Data Warehouse.

Can you tell us:

Q. What was the most surprising factor that you discovered while writing this paper?
A. Yes, I suppose that the most surprising factor is that what actually we might normally think of as performance issues actually derive from scalability. That is to say if your queries or reports are not running fast enough it may not be simply a question of addressing that specific performance issue. It may be simply that the database isn't scaling efficiently and cannot cope with the amount of data you are trying to inquire against.
Q. What it one of the most important take-away readers will learn from your paper?
A. I think the most important thing is to take a structured approach to what you are going to do with your data warehouse. Try and look at the issues in a clear cut, logical sequence and then make appropriate decisions. The opposite of course is to buy into the marketing hype that you get from Oracle, IBM or Netezza or anybody, but to take a step back. Take a logical, structured approach. What are my issues? What are my problems? What is the best way to resolve it?

Thank you so much for sharing just a few of your insights on getting more out of your data warehouse. In order to get all of the details, please be sure to download the whitepaper in its entirety here.